Sex in Amsterdam met Keal

Gebruikersnaam: Keal
Leeftijd: 26
Land: Nederland
Provincie: Overijssel
Geslacht: Man
Sexualiteit: Hetero
Relatie: Single
Haarkleur: Donker
Oogkleur: Bruin
I am an Ancient Soul trapped into a young body staying young forever ~ I'm Libra a very romantic type of person I love and appreciate beauty. I'm a very honest/loyal person and just can't stand against lairs, injustice. I smell fakes from a mile away I don't see people I see their souls. Every soul is unique so please be kind to everyone & enjoy life with others. Do you feel like you want to talk about anything (you came to the right person). Since the Libra is the Peace Keeper I am the balance of all Zodiac signs. Do you look for a friend that won't judge you and will give good advice just talk to me. I a weak spot when it comes to girls with a slim thick body ... melts my heart! If their personality is also... good then I'm sold (God forgive me). I was a virgin not so long ago and I like penetration to give you orgasms! COCK SIZE: Between 6-7" INCH 15-18cm! Yes I'm a skinny boy but I have a huge dick literally 2 whole hands for you! Well two big fists on top of each other if you are a dirty talker & teasing.. Oh I get so turned on giving me a hard rock boner! Girls with very sexy tummy/belly button and round curvy body makes me wet. Boobs ? I like boobs hell I love boobs but it's not a must big or small it's ok:) As I was a virgin I was porn sexual it means I watch porn then having actual sex. Well I guess time has changed I want to enjoy life more with beautiful people, you! I think the older I get the more I enjoy/want sex I still need more experience like pornstar level. I love getting blowjob especially girls with these sensual sweet soft lips. It makes my legs shaking sometimes hehe. The best part of me is when you have sex with me I cum a lot! I can cum pretty much the entire day it may seems impossible. But as I manstrubate pretty much every day I can cum once every 5-10mins. This is a good thing as I can cum over your whole face, mouth, tits. The best part is and I hope you agree and feel horny like me.. When I cum I want you to suck me over and over again. Yes keep sucking me dry I might beg to STOP but you keep GOING XD. Lovely girls reach out to me I'm from Enschede :) I don't have relationships I hate it I just want to fuck and know you better. Everything will be on the table when you get naked.. [I'm talking in English because I mostly write in English] Relax I'm Dutch I just like English more :D SO YEAH....LET'S FUCK
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